Mathew Heeron

Mathew is the expert to talk to if your fitness goal is to lose weight or tone up. Working clients through high-intensity workouts and tailored fitness plans, Mat doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to your goals.

With a background in sports psychology and physical therapy, Matt understands how the mind and body need to work together for you to achieve success.

John Heeron

Whether you’re new to boxing or a seasoned fighter, John can teach you a thing or two about keeping fit for the ring and understanding your opponent.

While he comes from the world of professional boxing, John takes a holistic approach to fitness, and is just as likely to throw you into a yoga class as he is to throw you around the boxing ring.

Inna Gebrow

Are you looking to improve your and joint strength? Then you should get in touch within Inna for a consultation.

A highly trained instructor for both yoga and pilates, Inna can help you better understand your own body, and will help guide you towards your goals in a way that works with your body instead of against it.